Walls were painted. Art classes were given. Trash was collected. The cafe was stocked. Fences were painted. English was taught. Ministries around town were supported. The community was served and loved on. All by Doulos students and staff.

The very definition of the Greek word for doulos is “bond-servant”. Training and equipping servant leaders is at the core of all things DOULOS DISCOVERY SCHOOL. The students and staff worked hard, served hard and loved others through hearts of service. They stepped out of the classrooms and onto the Doulos campus and into the surrounding community, trading academics for service with the sweat of their brows.

At one of our partner schools, students spent two days loading piles of cement rock out of a newly finished second level. In a neighborhood school with 126 students and four teachers, a group of our students helped teach specials classes to relieve these overworked teachers. At yet another site, students spent hours raking leaves, doing yard work, and pulling weeds from baby trees that will be planted in seven years. Our 6th graders took on major paint projects all over our own campus, and our elementary students helped our staff clean and pick up trash.

Jesus came as a servant, humbling himself to the likeness of man and providing us the ultimate example of putting others above ourselves. The tasks that were completed during service week were important, but the greatest take-away from the week is bigger than that: we serve with joyful hearts in ALL THINGS because the one who bought us with the price of his own shed blood, Jesus Christ, put himself, the very King of Kings, way down low so that we could receive a full future with him in eternity. We serve because we love him, and we long to become more like him. Above all else: academics, sports, cross-cultural experience, etc., THIS is the most vital piece of cultivating hearts and minds that will transform this country.

We hope that through service week, our students gain a greater understanding of what means to lose our life in order to save it. We are also reminded that education at Doulos is a gift not to be taken for granted. Until next year!

It wasn’t always pretty.
It wasn’t always easy.
It wasn’t always glamorous.
But it was always worth it!

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