Partnership Spotlight: The Rock School

New partnerships are something to celebrate!  We’ve recently partnered with The Rock School, a Christian school in Gainesville, Florida.  This collaboration is special and we are thrilled to have them on our team.  Not only has The Rock School provided financial support by sponsoring one of our students for the entire year (they raised the money in only a few days), they have also been instrumental in the expansion of our study abroad program.  Last month, our School Director, Danae and Instructional Coach, Robyn, were able to travel to Florida to facilitate workshops for their teachers as they try to incorporate more Expeditionary Learning principles.  Coming together as a team to help each other learn and grow is what makes partnerships so incredible.

We spoke with Jim McKenzie, the principal of The Rock School, about our new partnership and their recent visit to Doulos.  Here’s his take on it:

Anytime you see God at work some place, it’s really encouraging. It draws me in and makes me want to be a part of it.

There’s a place for giving where you’re invested in something that’s long lasting. That’s how I look at Doulos—a chance to sew into a kid year after year that’s going to have a far-reaching impact.

I hope to send more kids over the years; the trip has changed their perspectives.

What we call poverty is different. A lack of material things is not the definition of poverty to the rest of the world. The people [in the Dominican Republic] are very happy and content. It’s a very eye-opening experience. 

I’m excited about the partnership between the schools and for the students from both schools to teach each other. I think Doulos can be just as much of a blessing if not more to our school than we are to Doulos.

There’s a connection. I feel like I’m connected to a people, not an organization. Doulos is not your campus, it’s not your mission statement; it’s the people who work there. We love the culture Doulos has created. We like and believe in the people who are there.

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