Doulos Graduate Scholarship Fund

Empower Doulos Discovery School graduates to continue their education at accredited universities around the globe.

Doulos has over a decade of experience providing internationally-accredited, Bible-based Christian education to children in need in the D.R.

And our passion and work does not stop there.

We’ve recognized our responsibility to further equip and support Doulos graduates as they continue their educational journey—navigating university, life abroad, and emerging adulthood.

The blessing of the Doulos Graduate Scholarship Fund is how we respond differently to the challenges our grads face, and how we extend our mission beyond the walls of Doulos Discovery School.


These little ones will be graduating in no time.
Empower them with the Graduate Scholarship Fund.


University merit-based aid was earned by Doulos class of ’14


Additional scholarships awarded in 2015 by the Graduate Scholarship Fund


Doulos Discovery School graduation rate


Doulos Graduate Scholarship Fund Goal

About the Graduate Scholarship Fund and Selection Process

Any Doulos graduate can apply if they are attending an accredited post-seondary institution anywhere in the world.  Application information (outlined below) is gathered by a committee comprised of independent parties (no active ties to Doulos Ministries or Doulos Discovery School).  The committee reviews the information and awards scholarship dollars based on the funds available.
Our goal of $1M is both ambitious, reachable, and justified, and we are well on our way.  As Doulos’ graduating classes continue to grow, reaching this goal will provide us the flexibility to meet our rapidly growing graduate needs and ambitions with the interest generated by the fund while preserving and growing our principal.

Selection Criteria

  • Application
  • Discretion of the committee
  • Recommendations of Doulos staff in Jarabacoa
  • Letter of Recommendation: Applicants will supply one (1) letter of recommendation from a non-Doulos staff person (such as a pastor, employer, or leader of a service project)
  • Student Essay
  • Academic Record Transcripts
  • Donor Recommendation: A donor may recommend a student. Donor forms and solicitations will clearly indicate that the donor recommendation is not the sole factor to be considered by the Selection Committee in awarding scholarships. All donations received will be awarded at the discretion of the selection committee.
  • Financial Need:  Families will complete the Family Financial Information Form (although this is a scholarship not simply financial aide).


This tax-deductible scholarship fund allows partners and sponsors to continue supporting and empowering students at the next level in their journey to change the Dominican Republic for Jesus.



Here’s a partial list of where our graduates are continuing to change the world.