Our staff culture has a gravity all its own.

“We asked ourselves, ‘Will working at Doulos push us closer to becoming the people of God we want to become?’ The answer was a hands-down YES.” 



We want Doulos to be a health step on your career journey towards what you’ve been called to. More than that however, we want Doulos to be a step in the right direction of who you’ve been called to become as well. 

Staff Worship & Devotionals

Each Friday we start the day with corporate worship, prayer and a teaching. It’s a fantastic way to round out the week together.


Days of Solitude

Each staff member is expected to take a day of solitude each semester. In case you struggle in math – that’s two days of solitude per school year on top of vacation time and Dominican national holidays.

Powered by Fresh Organic Coffee

We serve only high altitude, shade grown coffee at our café at Doulos Discovery School. You know the stuff — organic Arabica beans, handpicked in small batches by happy farmers, and rinsed in the joyful tears of baby unicorns. Then roasted to perfection over sustainably raised open flames. Served free to staff. E’ryday.


Free SWAG (Stuff We All Get)

Doulos gear, SOCO Hammocks, awesome sunglasses, accessories…to name a few!

Language Training

Our aim is for our entire staff to be bilingual. It’s a pretty lofty goal. That’s why we offer customized language training and tutoring free of charge to all staff (English- or Spanish-speaking). ¡Qué chulo!

P.S. Beware of sending snapchats to fellow Doulos staffers – you may end up on the Culture page! 


Potlucks, Picnics, Parties

We are a tight knit community who do life together in a messy, wonderful, and grace-filled way. From Easter Sunrise Service (brunch included!) and baptisms in the river, to Thanksgiving potlucks to community picnics to impromptu parties at the local waterfalls – it’s difficult to put to words how fantastic our community is.

Get your Advanced Degree

Doulos will cover the costs associated with obtaining you advanced degree while serving with us—i.e. getting your teaching license, graduate degree, or masters.

This specific amount is generally tied to your service commitment length, regardless it is a pretty sweet deal.




This is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.