Executive Director

At Doulos Discovery School (DDS) we are committed to providing a high quality education to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds and discipling them to use their education in pursuit of their vocation to impact the world around them, becoming the next generation of Dominican leaders.

Doulos staff views their vocation as their calling.  They work to support one another as a body of Christian believers.  DDS leadership is committed to the spiritual health of staff, including morning prayer and staff devotionals.


General Job Description

The Executive Director will provide overall management and leadership to the Doulos Ministries (DM), 501c3 organization in the US, as well as Doulos Discovery School (DDS) located in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.  DDS is a non-profit organization registered in the Dominican Republic. He/She will report directly to the Doulos Board of Directors.

This position will have four key areas of responsibility:  Staff Development, Policy/Vision, Development, and Communication. He/She will lead the DDS staff utilizing the current Organizational Chart.

He/she will be responsible to interpret the DM/DDS mission and program offerings to stakeholders in the US and the DR, will be responsible for the administration of the standards and procedures of the ministry and the school, and will utilize his/her staff for the execution of those standards and procedures. This person will ensure that historical data and school accreditation are maintained. The Executive Director will have the only position on the Doulos Board with voice but no vote. The position will be based in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

Travel requirements are approximately 10-15% (6-8 weeks per year for Board Meetings, Fundraising Visits and Training).


Leadership & Character

  • Lead by example, living out the DM & DDS Mission and Statement of Faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is critical that the Executive Director possess authentic faith and strong Christian character. The ED’s conduct needs to be consistent with someone seeking to live as a servant for Christ.
  • Regularly and actively engage all stakeholders – students, parents, staff, faculty, volunteers, and external constituents – for feedback and the purpose of continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Provide spiritual leadership for the staff, faculty, and student body of the school.
  • Carry and conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ and consistent with DDS beliefs.
  1.  Staff Development
  • Cultivate creative relationships with institutions and individuals in order to recruit potential staff.
  • Awareness of recruiting, hiring, training, professional development, spiritual development, staff wellness, performance reviews & salary administration.
  • Conduct end of the year evaluations for any staff that you supervise.
  • Cultivate and utilize the support of key staff including Operations Director, School Director, Finance Director, Human Resources Director, Communications Department, Facilities Director, Sponsorship Director, Service Learning Teams Director.
  • Attend weekly staff devotionals, showing commitment to deepen your relationship with Christ.
  • Schedule and lead weekly or bi-weekly meetings with those that you supervise
  • Be present, professional and punctual for all required staff meetings and school events (ie. business meetings, expedition nights, outdoor education events, etc.)
  1.  Policy / Vision
  • In conjunction with the Board, maintain the strategic plan for DM/DDS, including appropriate policies for the organizations.
  • In conjunction with the Finance Director, develop the DM/DDS annual budgets,

with project timelines and action plans for programs and initiatives.

  • Maintain a well-rounded offering of support programs (Mission Teams, Study Abroad Program, After School Program, Graduate Support, Sponsorship Program, Scholarship Program, Staff Care, etc).
  • Develop new ministry options to enhance Doulos’ service capability and long-term growth.
  • Responsible for maintaining/developing relationship with current land owner to negotiate a long-term lease or pursue land purchase and development of new facilities including any necessary or required capital fund raising campaign.
  1. Development
  • Work with the Board of Directors to implement or change necessary policy.
  • Work with the Board to recruit, train and develop new Board members.
  • Conduct long-term strategic planning with the Board and create budget projections for program development.
  • In conjunction with the Finance Director, maintain sound financial reporting and distribution of funds in conformance with the budget.
  • Meet regularly with Finance Director to assure that all DDS programs are sufficiently funded. Make wise decisions when pertaining to meeting the needs of the campus and being good stewards of resources.
  • Direct and lead the fundraising process including grant writing, donor relations, special events, and general fundraising. Develop on-going strategies for internal and external fundraising, provide necessary reports to funding sources. Assign and manage staff as necessary.
  1.  Communication
  • Oversee the development of all Doulos communication materials including branding and message, newsletters, reports, media announcements, and any advertising the Board chooses to pursue; serve as the Doulos spokesperson and actively pursue favorable press coverage on DM/DDS activities and accomplishments.
  • Network with existing agencies and professionals for input and assistance in Doulos’ program development; establish and maintain effective collaborative relationships with community and worldwide organizations, service providers, faith-based organizations, governmental agencies and other non-profit boards.
  • Communicate with the Board Chair to set the agendas of the Board meetings.

Annual Fundraising Goals include:

  • Fundraising for the General Fund and post-secondary scholarship fund.
  • Fundraising for Ministry Programming (Buildings, Grad Program, Facility)
  • Encourage/facilitate self-supported staff fundraising.
  • Awareness of the Student and Class Sponsorship program
  • Help to create a strategic donor engagement plan and implement the program by analyzing past giving & connecting (and re-connecting) with donors.
  • Will work with Human Resources to create a partnership program with levels, incentives, and benefits.
  • Create ideas for fundraising, initiate planned events and help to implement them.
  • Responsible for project management and overall office/ministry initiative planning
  • Represent the organization among “Friends of Doulos”, donors, sponsors, and strategic partner groups, as well as other individuals and groups in or outside the spiritual community.

Ideal Qualifications include:

  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish
  • Preferably a Master’s degree from recognized college or university in leadership, education, ministry or related field with up to date credentials
  • Possess an intimate and mature relationship with Jesus Christ and is prepared to disciple students and teach weekly devotionals.
  • Experience in Administration/Educational Leadership and/or experience as a lead teacher or mentor
  • Strong history of achievement in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings
  • Superior organizational ability, including planning well and managing responsibilities effectively
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges, ability to adapt to change, and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to improve and develop
  • Excellent critical thinking skills, including the ability to accurately link cause and effect and to generate relevant solutions to problems
  • Passionate about providing high quality education to students from all economic backgrounds and dedication to student achievement
  • Respect for individuals’ diverse experiences and the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds; experience working in a cross cultural setting
  • Be flexible and respond in grace when unforeseen situations require your assistance.
  • Experience in planning, implementing, and executing a successful capital campaign
  • Experience in working with Non-Profit