At Doulos Discovery School we are committed to providing a high quality education to students from all socio-economic backgrounds and discipling them to use their education in pursuit of their vocation to impact the world around them, becoming the next generation of Dominican leaders. 


As a Crew, we view our vocation as our calling and work to support one another as a body of believers.  We are a relational community that values and respects our Crew in some of the ways listed below. 


  • We are committed to the spiritual health of our Crew, including morning prayer, staff devotionals and Days of Solitude as a part of our yearly routines.
  • We strive for multi-cultural unity; therefore we provide language classes free of charge for all Crew members
  • We value staff development, both on and off campus. We offer continued education credits as a part of our incentives package and encourage our Crew to pursue additional opportunities as well. 


Position Summary

The Human Resources Coordinator promotes campus unity through staff-wide communication and  cultural understanding, and is primarily responsible for ensuring and monitoring a healthy cultural and professional staff climate.  The Human Resource Coordinator operates and makes decisions based on a Biblical worldview.  


Marketing & Placement Responsibilities 

  • Will be responsible for all recruiting & the initial interview of both local and North American applicants (with HR assistant as well)
  • Has the opportunity to visit career fairs to recruit in the States 
  • Recruits local staff and launches a marketing plan
  • Manages Student Teacher & Intern Program 
  • Documents each step of the application process and communication with new hires using the google spreadsheet Prospect Hires Interview Process Documentation


Financial Support

  • Create programs to provide support-raising resources & training. (including coaching) 
  • Will educate entire staff on options for Health Insurance Plans, Life Insurance Plans & Retirement Plans and handle all communication with our local insurance agents.
    • Keeps Doulos Staff Insurance Spreadsheet up to date and communicate any changes with Finance Director.


Support for North American Staff

  • Coordinate airport pickups for new staff, student teachers, interns and non work-teams visitors.
  • Coordinate and handle on site vision trips for interested applicants.
  • Set up home-stays for new staff and non work-team visitors.
  • Keep the New Staff Handbook up to date.
  • Follow the New Arrival Checklist for all new hires.
  • Plan and execute Cultural Orientation to orient new staff on “What to Expect & How to Deal with it.”
  • Coordinate and handle visits to potential homestay hosts, training for homestay hosts and monthly payments.
  • Responsible for regular check-ins with North American staff. 4 times a year with new staff and twice a  year for all staff


Care & Support for all Staff

  • Serves a resource for a multi cultural staff 
  • Work together with School Director and Methods & Curriculum Coordinator to plan and execute New Hire Orientation.
  • Supervises staff language teachers to promote a bilingual staff
  • Oversees staff evaluations and growth plans. (Maintain evaluations and hand them off to supervisors when evaluations need to be conducted.  These should be returned to Human Resources to be added to staff file.)
  • Promotes support and understanding between administration and staff 
    • What are some ways this could be fleshed out?
  • Facilitates regular staff communication including Weekly Blasts, Business Meetings, Status  
  • Manages personal/sick days and files requests forms from supervisors to the appropriate staff files
  • Create and implement a checklist for Exiting Staff members and complete Exit Interviews.




  • Bachelor’s degree from recognized college or university in a related field with up to date credentials (if applicable)  
  • Possesses an intimate and mature relationship with Jesus Christ and is prepared to disciple others 
  • Committed and dynamic professional, preferably with experience in Human Resources
  • Strong history of achievement in academic, professional, extracurricular, and/or volunteer settings
  • Superior organizational ability, including planning well and managing responsibilities effectively
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges, ability to adapt to changing environments, and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to improve and develop
  • Excellent critical thinking skills, including the ability to accurately link cause and effect and to generate relevant solutions to problems
  • Passionate about providing high quality education to students from all economic backgrounds and dedicated to student achievement
  • Bilingual
  • Respect for individuals’ diverse experiences and the ability to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds; experience working in a cross cultural setting preferred 
  • Be flexible and respond in grace when unforeseen situation require your assistance

Doulos Crew Environment         “We are crew, not passengers”


  • Carry and conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ and consistent with DDS beliefs 
  • Report directly to the Director of Operations with questions, initiatives and additional support, etc.
  • Attend weekly staff devotionals, showing commitment to deepen your relationship with Christ
  • Participate in administrative meetings with to foster collaboration and communication
  • Engage with Grade Level Leader 
  • Participate in and assist with staff professional development opportunities 
  • Always available for possible substitute teaching
  • Be present, professional and punctual for all required staff meetings and school events (ie. business meetings, expedition nights, outdoor education events, etc.)