…that’s what we want for our students. We want them not to just learn about things, but to see it up close. And to see it through God’s eyes. And to appreciate and know our Creator more as a result of learning about Him and His creation.

— School Director 


Answers about our process, our 100% Giving Model, and other info about our Sponsorship Program. Alternatively, you can contact us anytime with your questions as well.

Q. Students can’t go to Doulos until they are sponsored?

A. Nope, the opposite actually. We are proud that our Sponsorship program cadence is opposite of what you may think—that is, we find and accept students in need of sponsorships then we find them a sponsor. We do this because we want our students to have every opportunity to succeed and do not want a lack of sponsor to be an obstacle to their access to a Doulos education. As well, we believe in our ability to find sponsors, thus we find student first then get them sponsored. The Lord has been faithful in this method as we trust him with these children.

Q. What happens to the student if I need to stop my sponsorship for some reason? Do they get dropped out of the program?!

A. Don’t worry, the student will remain in the Sponsorship Program. We’ll never drop a student from the program for some reason outside their control (i.e. like a sponsor stopping their support).

Q. Do I get to communicate with the students I sponsor?

A. Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it! Unlike other organizations, we never have more than two sponsors per student. This allows for meaningful and personal communication between you and the student’s family to flourish, and true relationships to grow.

*NOTE: we require that all communication between Sponsors and Students and their families be facilitated through Doulos. This is to protect both parties and to ensure that all communication is appropriate (i.e. helps mitigate requests for goods or money, etc.). Please email the Sponsorship Director with any questions/concerns: sponsorship@doulosdiscovery.org.

Q. How much of my donation goes to the student?

A. All of it. Because of our generous partners and because our N. American staff are support-raising missionaries, our sponsorship program is able to allocate 100% or your sponsorship to covering the true costs of educating our students – books, lunches, uniforms, school supplies, and amazing physical and emotional atmosphere to foster creativity, servant leadership, and discipleship. (For more about our 100% Giving Model and financial accountability – click here)

Q. How many sponsors to each student?

A. We never pair more than two sponsors with a student. And an Exclusive Sponsorship is strictly a one-sponsor-one-student pairing. As such, your sponsorship not only provides a brighter future for our children rooted in the Gospel, but the cultivation of long-term, meaningful relationships to grow over the course of your partnership with our ministry.

Q. What happens to my sponsorship when they graduate?

A. Our hope is that you would join us in celebrating this momentous milestone with them! As well, we invite you to continue the journey of supporting your student (and friend) by moving your sponsorship to the the College Scholarship Fund if your student is in need of further support at the University level, or by sponsoring another budding Doulos graduate!

 If you have any further questions, please contact us at sponsorship@doulosdiscovery.org.