Choose to immerse yourself in another culture, learn a new language and live with a host family who will open their home and hearts to you.

Doulos Study Abroad Program is for you if you’re a U.S. high school student or recent graduate who wants to experience another part of the world in a Christian environment. This semester- or year-long program is geared toward students grades 10-12 (age 15-18) seeking opportunities to further their education through studying in the Dominican Republic in a safe, Christian, internationally accredited, project-based learning environment.




Program includes:

  • Registration, tuition, and required textbooks
  • Lunch at school and Dinner at your Home
  • Housing
  • Transportation to and from Santiago Airport ( STI)
  • Insurance (travel/medical)
  • Most instruction is in English
  • Spanish tutoring course
  • Serve weekly in the Preschool Program or the After School Program
  • (Optional) Online classes ($400 per class; please contact us in advance for scheduling)
  • Cultural excursions around the island


$1,000.00 due at acceptance and the remaining due before arrival in the Dominican Republic.
Plane tickets are not included.
Total program cost is $4,500 (USD) per semester.


Q. If I stay with a mostly Spanish speaking family, will they still be fluent in English?

A. The goal of living with a Dominican family is to give youth best cultural experience possible and while the family will not all speak English, the children attend Doulos Discovery School and are fluent in both languages.

Q. How on earth am I supposed to pack only 40 pounds worth of stuff? I could pack 200 and still feel under packed!

A. It’s best to pack fairly light. If you need a little more you can pay for an extra bag at the airport.  Typically most airlines will allow one bag for free (internationally).  A second bag charge is typically around $40-$50. Please check with your airline for specifics.

Q. Can I bring my own computer?

A. Yes.  A computer is required for our high school students, and will help with communication with your family back home.

Q. Should I bring my phone? Will there be any use for it?

A. Yes, you can use your iPhone in any WiFi area, but your US service provider will likely not work or will be extremely expensive. We recommend getting an inexpensive Dominican cell phone to use locally during your time in the D.R.

Q. Is this school like a “semester-long missions trip” with the addition of high school classes?

A. No. Doulos Discovery School is a fully established PreKinder-12th grade, ASCI/AdvancEd accredited school. Most classes are taught in English with homework, athletics, extracurricular activities, and school functions you would be involved in at your high school. That said, service is core to our educational philosophy and culture at Doulos and you will have the opportunity to serve either in the preschool and other areas  within the community. You will also be encouraged to work with our visiting missions teams if your schedule permits.

Q. Do you have any Doulos Discovery Schools anywhere else?

A. No, Jarabacoa is the only location of Doulos Discovery School.

Q. Where do all the people come from that to go to your school?

A. Our school is a Dominican school with the majority of the student population being Dominican. However, we do have some students from the U.S., Canada, China, Haiti and Spain who attend Doulos Discovery.

Q. How will I get things like a curling iron, blow dryer, shampoo, and other toiletries?

A. The voltage and electric outlets are the standard outlet that you find in the U.S. Feel free to bring your curling iron & blow dryer if needed. Electricity tends to go on and off throughout the day, so be prepared to not have access to these electronics 24/7. As for toiletries, bring what you need, but know there are grocery stores and pharmacies less within walking distance from school for purchasing needed items.

Q. How much clothing should I bring?

A. You will be sent a list and an intro packet when you are accepted. When you arrive you will be given 2 uniform shirts for school.  The school uniform requires khaki pants and closed toed shoes with a school polo.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with the family I am staying with?

A. We will check in with you and your host family every month. In addition to that, the Study Abroad Director is always available for any questions or concerns you have with your host family and to help explain any unfamiliar Dominican customs.

Q. On average how many people would I be living with?

A. Generally, between 4-6 people.

Q. What are the safety issues?

A. Although, Jarabacoa is a very safe and relaxed community, we would recommend always walking with someone and using the buddy system. Oh yeah, and wear bug spray!

Q. What city would I live in, and what is the weather like?

A. Doulos Discovery School is in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. We are in the mountains in the center of the island, the weather is fairly moderate. For the Fall semester, expect highs of 90. Our Spring semester starts off cool, in the low 70s with a lot of rain, and ends up hot and sunny. We are about 2 hours from the ocean.

Q. Is there any scholarships or funding available for Study Abroad students?

A. At this time, no. We are first and foremost nonprofit christian ministry focused on serving our Dominican community.

Q. Is there a Christian youth group or church available to me?

A. Yes, you will be able to attend church with your host family. Also, many of our staff are involved with Young Life here which is a great way to get plugged in to our vibrant spiritual community.

Q. What challenges should I expect to face?

A. Language and cultural differences, different food, and culture shock. Also, meeting new high school friends can be hard.  Being involved in class, athletics, service, and extracurricular activities is a great way to make friends and fully enjoy your experience abroad with the Doulos community.

Q. Do I have to bring my own backpack, notebooks, writing utensils etc. from the U.S. for school?

A. Bring your own backpack. School supplies are available here at relatively low cost, however, feel free to pack your own. You can refer to the school packing list for specifics.

Q. Do you track and give credit for service hours gained during the program?

A. We do grant service hours, so please ask for a service hours document from the school’s guidance counselor before your time with us ends.

Q. What do students do in the town of Jarabacoa?

A. Jarabacoa is very much a developing community, and our student population reflects that of the surrounding community. Our students enjoy getting ice cream or snacks in the plaza near the school, going to Young Life Club, or hanging out to watch movies. As well, there are many interesting places to hike around Jarabacoa, including waterfalls, rivers, taking horse backing rides. There are also several pools in town that cost about $5USD per person for the day.

Q. How much money should I bring?

A. It really depends on your spending habits. It is relatively easy to access money – you can use your checking/debit card at various ATMs around town, or cash a check at the money exchange bank.

Q. What about health insurance?

A. Local health care is very inexpensive. In the event a major medical incident would occur, you will want to verify that your current health insurance covers international travel and emergency evacuation. *You will need to provide proof of this before coming to the D.R.

Q. When do I need to apply by?

A. We use a rolling application (see timeline above). If there are spots in a class still open, we can accept you into the program. When the spots are filled, the program is closed for that semester.  Typically, it is best to apply early.



Doulos Discovery School is internationally accredited by ACSI and AdvancED International.

Are you school administrator looking to forge a long-term exchange program relationship with Doulos Discovery School? Email our Executive Director, Mike Zweber, to start the conversation (bob.phelps@doulosdiscovery.org).