Teacher’s Assistant

“We are crew, not passengers.”

Reports to: Ann Concepcion

Job Description

The Teacher’s Assistant helps to provide a high quality spiritual and academic education. He/she supports student learning by becoming an active part of classroom culture, and is available to substitute when necessary.



  • Speak English fluidly
  • Posses a mature relationship with Jesus Christ.



  • Read the teacher’s lesson plans before starting each week to help support the teacher and students
  • Actively participate in any activity that students are completing.
  • Attend during special time and support teachers.
  • Prepare materials for class activities such as copying, cutting, laminating, etc.
  • Assist in the qualification as necessary.
  • Defend and enforce the expectations of the school and the classroom with a spirit of grace and love.
  • Directs / teaches small groups in the classroom.
  • Prepare to sub when the guide teacher is absent.
  • Maintain open and intentional communication with the guide teacher.
  • Provide translation for student needs and parental engagement through regular communication about student progress, classroom expectations, upcoming events, etc. (if appropriate)
  • Demonstrate commitment and passion for continued growth in the field of education.
  • Have high and clear expectations for oneself and students, hold students accountable for diligence in their responsibilities and believe that all students are capable of learning at a high level
  • Discipline students, meet them both inside and outside the school with the purpose of encouraging, instructing and correcting them as disciples of Christ