Vice Principal

At Doulos Discovery School we are committed to providing a high quality education to students from all socio-economic backgrounds and discipling them to use their education in pursuit of their vocation to impact the world around them, becoming the next generation of Dominican leaders.

As a Crew, we view our vocation as our calling and work to support one another as a body of believers.  We are a relational community that values and respects our Crew in some of the ways listed below.

  • We are committed to the spiritual health of our Crew, including morning prayer, staff devotionals and Days of Solitude as a part of our yearly routines.
  • We strive for multi-cultural unity; therefore we provide language classes free of charge for all Crew members
  • We value staff development, both on and off campus. We offer continued education credits as a part of our incentives package and encourage our Crew to pursue additional opportunities, equipping themselves in the best way(s) possible.

Position Summary

Serve as the academic leader of the school, supervising school staff and students and supporting the school’s mission and goals. Maintain close communication with families and staff. Report directly to the School Director.


  • Offer instructional training and support that is aligned with the school’s yearly goals and work plan.
  • Ensure consistency amongst grade level practices, student discipline and classroom expectations, coordinating with School Director and other members of the Leadership Team.
  • Maintain compliance with the Ministry of Education and local school district.
  • Supervise all teaching staff through regular classroom observations and teacher evaluations.
  • Strengthen and maintain relationships with students and families.
  • Train parents on the mission, values and policies of Doulos through regular communication and guidance.
  • Conduct regular conferences with teachers, students and parents to foster school wide communication.
  • Approve teacher absences and coordinate with substitute to cover classes.
  • Assist in the creation of calendars, schedules and goal setting.
  • Review and update Staff, Student and Parent Handbooks
  • Oversee campus life and supervision.
  • Oversee the distribution of all grade reports and progress reports.
  • Monitor and create student contracts
  • Uphold staff and student dress code.
  • Coordinate the participation of Doulos students in local events and competitions.
  • Ensure the planning and execution of graduation, including senior transcripts, final grade reports, diplomas and final preparations for the graduation ceremony.
  • Stay up to date with “best practices” serving as a resource for teaching staff in the areas of differentiation, ESL strategies, classroom management, and assessment, etc.
  • Verify credits for incoming and outgoing exchange students.
  • Coordinate y organize end of year exams such as Pruebas Nacionales.

Doulos Crew Environment         “We are crew, not passengers”

  • Carry and conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ and consistent with DDS beliefs
  • Report directly to the Vice Principal
  • Supported by Coordinator of Methods and Curriculum to ensure student mastery of standards and curriculum development
  • Attend weekly staff devotionals, showing commitment to deepen your relationship with Christ
  • Participate in biweekly meetings with grade level teams of 4-5 teachers to foster collaboration and communication
  • Engage with Grade Level Leader regarding questions, initiatives and additional support
  • Participate in and assist with staff professional development opportunities
  • Always available for possible substitute teaching
  • Be present, professional and punctual for all required staff meetings and school events (ie. business meetings, expedition nights, outdoor education events, etc.)